Is All Healing The Same?

The Healing journey May be Physical or Psychological, frequently it is an evolution of both dimensions of health. The concept of Mind, Body, & Spirit interconnectedness to all living and non living things and how energy, including that of positive or negative thoughts and actions, affect us all, is becoming more accepted and embraced.

Sometimes, we need to identify clear and specific problems whether they are psychological or physical and develop strategies and practices to alleviate discomfort that they are causing in our lives. Other times there are reasons that may not be so obvious or apparent that are causing us sadness, fear, or pain. And of course there are times when we all just need someone to listen, unbiased, non-judging, and patiently, to our hopes, dreams, and fears.

There are no absolutes to healing except that it is different for each of us. Just as we all carry our own set of perceived problems, we each must explore our own individual story to find our unique path to healing. Sometimes we can do this beautifully all on our own, but if you should find yourself needing someone to help you express and get clear about your life, in any aspect, I’ll be here to listen.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right.
Henry Ford